At Castle Mead Academy, our scholars understand the importance of Citizenship education.  They understand what it means to be a citizen of their local and wider community, as well as what it means to be a ‘CMA Citizen’.  Through the study of Citizenship, scholars learn about democracy, politics, parliament and voting. They also learn about human rights, justice, the law, personal finance and the economy.  Underpinning the CMA Citizenship curriculum is a strong focus on the importance of British Values, and this is complemented by our assembly calendar, PSHE and RE curricula also.

The Citizenship curriculum is taught through extended sessions on a half-termly basis.  These lessons equip scholars with powerful knowledge and provide lots of opportunities for discussion and debate.  Through studying Citizenship, our scholars develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to play a full part in society, as active and responsible citizens.

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 3:

Citizenship Curriculum Map KS3

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 4:

Citizenship Curriculum Map KS4

Subject Leader/s

Mrs M Thornhill

[email protected]