KS4 Exam Preparation

At Castle Mead Academy, we believe that everyone is capable of excellence. By KS4, you have been exposed to a variety of revision strategies throughout your KS3 journey which are essential to apply to your KS4 journey in preparation for your final GCSE exams.

Please see below a presentation on the importance of exam preparation in order to be successful in your mocks and beyond and also how to cope with the stress of exams.

Mock Exam Preparation

Revision Strategies 

Please see below a reminder of the different strategies that you have seen throughout your KS3 journey!

  1. Mind Maps


  1. Flashcards


  1. Cornell Notes

Do not:-

  • re-read multiple times,
  • read and highlight,
  • copy material out.

All of these activities require very little brain effort and thus have very little impact on your long-term memory.

Subject Specific Revision

Please see below presentations from each subject on the following:

  • What the GCSE exam will look like in Year 11?
  • How best to revise for each subject?

Revision Homework

In Year 10, you will receive summer revision homework which ensures that the knowledge you have learnt throughout the year is not forgotten and stays in your long-term memory.

In Year 11, you will receive 2 pieces of homework for each of your subjects.

  1. Homework on current content
  2. Structured Revision Homework