Vision and Values


Our vision for Castle Mead Academy is to provide outstanding secondary education and to inspire our young people to be the best that they can be, so that they become successful, well rounded and confident members of the global community. We will support all pupils to achieve their best, irrespective of ability or background


From the moment a pupil arrives at Castle Mead Academy we ask them to live “The Castle Credo” and it permeates all that we do:

  1. Be kind: we aim to develop respectful, tolerant pupils who are kind to everyone.
  2. Work hard: we promote learning for its own sake and the power it gives us to shape our destiny for the betterment of ourselves and the world.
  3. Develop your character: we want pupils to develop more than just academic excellence whilst they are at Castle Mead Academy. We want them to use their leadership skills, sporting talent, musical or dramatic ability, raise money for charity and challenge themselves through our Castle Character Time electives. All of these develop a whole range of skills, which will help both to find rewarding jobs and to thrive more generally in later life.

In addition, our staff will enact the seven C’s of our Trust in the way in which they work:

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