Our culture is underpinned by our four Key Drivers:

  • Everyone is capable of excellence
  • We develop the whole self
  • We make no excuses
  • Feedback is a gift
At Castle Mead Academy we are growing a community of excellence by giving our scholars both roots and wings so as they can create a better future. We do this by being kind, working hard and building our character.

Hence ,it is unequivocal that at CMA…

Everyone is capable of excellence We develop the whole self We make no excuses We see feedback as a gift
We believe everyone is a leader

We believe in the value of scholarship

We believe in working hard

We believe knowledge is power

We believe that teachers should teach and scholars should learn

We believe in subject autonomy

We believe in giving our scholars roots and wings

We believe in positive relationships

We believe in building cultural capital

We believe in spiritual and moral development

We believe in being kind

We believe in the importance of identity

We believe in building character

We believe in being unapologetically ambitious

We believe in giving 100%

We believe in rigorous routines

We believe in taking responsibility

We believe in equality

We believe in social mobility

We believe inclusion is everyone’s responsibility

We believe behaviour is everyone’s responsiblity

We believe in developing experts

We believe that we can always improve

We believe in caring personally and challenging directly

We believe that we are humans first, professionals/learners second

Our Scholars

A scholar is a learned or very knowledgeable person. Our pupils are all scholars: every day they learn new things and build their knowledge capital.

From the moment a scholar arrives at Castle Mead Academy we ask them to live “The Castle Credo” and it permeates all that we do:

  1. Be kind: we believe is it important to develop respectful, tolerant scholars who are kind to everyone.
  2. Work hard: we believe in promoting learning for its own sake and the power it gives us to shape our destiny for the betterment of ourselves and the world.
  3. Build your character: we believe it that school is about more than just academic excellence at Castle Mead Academy. We want our scholars to use their leadership skills, sporting talent, musical or dramatic ability, raise money for charity and challenge themselves nationally acclaimed programmes. All of these develop a whole range of skills, which will help both to find rewarding jobs and to thrive more generally in later life.

In addition, our staff will enact the seven C’s of our Trust in the way in which they work: