Homework at Castle Mead focuses on retrieval practice for pupils, so as they remember the key knowledge they have learnt in lessons. Pupils are taught in Year 7 our expectations about homework to ensure it is completed to a high standard. When giving homework to our pupils, our different subjects will alternate days and will expect homework to be handed in according to the agreed homework schedule. Homework completion is then checked by form tutors in morning registration, with merits for excellent homework and consequences for incomplete homework given.

Computers will be made available at lunchtimes and after-school for pupils to use for homework, if they choose to. One afternoon a week, pupils will have an opportunity to work independently on their homework during ‘prep’ time, in their form groups.

In addition to this, all pupils are expected to read regularly at home. Our library is well stocked, and our expert Librarian is able to support pupils and parents alike. Our pupils have recommended reading lists, and merits are given for reading these particular books.

Parents/carers who support their children with the completion of homework and reading at home is valued and has a significant impact.

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