If there is a clash on your timetable for the same day, we will re-schedule your papers internally and communicate these changes to you. If you are unsure, please speak to Ms Shah or Miss Thorley.

If you have a clash of components of up to 3 hours in time you will sit one paper after another. You will sit one paper then have a break during the which they will be supervised and must not have any communication with other candidates, you will then sit the second paper.  You may need to bring a packed lunch, if you have exams in the morning and afternoon as you will have to remain under supervision until both examinations are completed.  Please be informed that you will not be allowed to use your mobile phone during this time.

Invigilators at the start of the exam will ask you to check.  If you think something is wrong raise your hand and inform the invigilator immediately.

Candidate numbers are printed on the photo card that is on your desk for you to refer to. They are also printed on the seating plans, which are displayed outside the exam venue, and on the attendance registers.

It is 25361.  This will be on your photo card on our desk and will also be displayed on the white boards in the exam venue.

Inform the school at the earliest possible point so we can help or advise you. In most cases, the candidate can still attempt exams with some additional arrangements. You may need to obtain medical evidence (from your GP or hospital) and fill out self-certification form (JCQ/ME Form 14) and email it to [email protected] as soon as possible.

Special consideration is an adjustment to the marks/grades if a candidate is unable to attend an exam or had a significant impact on performance due to any unfortunate circumstance. Examples of such circumstances may be illness, accident, injury, bereavement, or domestic crisis.  Candidates will only be eligible for Special Consideration if they have been fully prepared and covered the whole course but performance in the examination or in the production of coursework is affected by adverse circumstances beyond their control. This would mean that exceptional attendance would be pivotal to enable an application for special consideration.

The allowance for Special Consideration is from 0% (consideration given but addition of marks considered inappropriate) to 5% (reserved for exceptional cases).  Parents should be aware that any adjustment is likely to be small and no feedback is ever provided.

The Examination Officer must be informed immediately, so that the necessary paperwork can be completed, and the candidate will be required to provide evidence to support such an application.

Raise your hand and an invigilator will assist you. Inform an invigilator if you feel ill before or during an exam and if you feel this may have affected your performance.

If you are running late, you must make the office aware but you should get to school as quickly as possible and report to the main office.

You must not enter an examination room without permission after an examination has begun.  You may be permitted to sit your exam and have the full duration but, a report will be sent to awarding body and it will be at their discretion to accept your script or not.

To avoid this, please also ensure you allow enough time to get to school so that if you are delayed (e.g. through transport problems) you will still arrive on time.

As the timetables are regulated by the exam boards you must attend on the given date and time.

Yes you have to wear full uniform. You may be refused entry to the examination room if you are not in uniform.

You are responsible for providing your own equipment for examinations. You must not attempt to borrow equipment from another candidate during the examination.

  • For most exams you should bring at least 2 pens (black ink only).
  • Clear pencil case
  • Clear water bottle
  • For some exams you will need a calculator (Maths/Science), a 30cm ruler (marked with cm and mm), pencil sharpener and rubber, pencil, compasses, protractor, coloured pencil crayons (not gel pens).
  • Highlighters are allowed but only on the question.
  • Calculators are only allowed in some papers and will be provided by the school.
  • Mobile phones, watches or any electric equipment (iPod etc) are not allowed in examination room. Being in possession of a unauthorised items will be regarded as malpractice and is subject to severe penalty from the awarding bodies. Penalties can include disqualification from a component or from whole qualification. In extreme situations, a candidate may be disqualified from all the qualifications taken in that series.
  • No food or drink is allowed except plain water in clear bottle.
  • Bags and coats and any other items are not permitted under examination regulations. They must be left in the space provided before you enter examination room.  You should not bring any valuables into school with you when you attend for an examination.

If you must bring a mobile phone this should be switched off and placed inside your bag before you enter examination venue.  The school will not accept any responsibility for any loss/damage to mobile phones and other valuables.

The length of the examination is shown in hours and minutes on your individual timetable under the heading ‘Length’. Invigilators will tell you when to start and finish the exam and will also write the finish time of the exam on a flip chart or board at the front of the exam room. There will be a clock in all examination rooms to support you with how long you have left.

It is not CMA’S policy to allow candidates to leave the exam room early, as this is disruptive to other candidates.  A candidate may not leave the examination room without the invigilator’s permission.

The invigilators will tell you what to do. If you have to evacuate the room leave everything on your desk and leave the room in silence. You must not attempt to communicate with any other candidates during the evacuation.

You will not be allowed any toilet breaks unless you have a medical condition or a toilet pass.  You will be escorted by an Invigilator and will not be allowed any extra time.

Pupils who have examinations in both morning and afternoon sessions will have lunch as usual either from the canteen or packed lunch.

The name and date birth on your Statement of Entry is used by awarding bodies to print certificates.  If the name or date of birth on your certificates does not match your birth certificate/passport it could cause you problems if you are asked to show your certificates to a potential employer or for CMA/university at some time in the future.  You should also check that the subjects and tiers of entry you are entered for are correct and that no subjects are missing.

Some candidates receive an allowance of 25% extra time. Where possible such candidates will be seated in a separate room or together to minimise disturbance from other candidates who finish earlier. The invigilators will include the additional time when they display the finishing time of your exam on the board.

Teaching staff will be available to advise you on results day. If you feel strongly that it is necessary to make an enquiry about your result you should first consult the Head of Subject to obtain their advice about post-result services.  You should be aware that your mark/grade could be lowered, raised, or stay as same. The examination boards make a charge for this service which is normally specified in an information leaflet you receive with your statement of result.

If you require any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call 0116 214 3150 and speak to Examinations Officer.