Welcome To Castle Mead Academy

Castle Mead Academy is a new secondary academy located in the heart of historic Leicester. At Castle Mead we strive to give our scholars both ‘Roots and Wings’. Roots to keep them grounded, and wings so as they can fly. Across their fifteen terms with us, we build their intelligence and character so as they grow to be articulate, resilient, well-rounded individuals who excel academically, in the arts and on the sporting field. Our scholars enjoy the riches of an ambitious curriculum so as they are ‘heirs of all that has gone before’, inheriting all of the rich knowledge from the past to better shape the future.

Castle Mead Academy is part of the The Mead Educational Trust. As such, we are fortunate to be able to replicate and build on Rushey Mead Academy’s excellent reputation and outstanding track record of high academic achievement, inclusive practice, strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and knowledge rich curriculum.

For further information on our arrangements for full opening in September in light of Coronavirus, please see the link below.

  • Rita Hindocha, Executive Principal
  • Tom Hague,  Principal

Academy Tweets

Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad How brilliant from one of our newest colleagues @mrsbrewtandcake here, on: ‘How to make the most of school mentors’… https://t.co/e9wNoBC40Q 1 day ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad We really enjoy our partnership with the @leicesterscitt - if you’re considering training to teach, look no further… https://t.co/irvZh02ce6 4 days ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad A real milestone day on site, as our new MUGA pitch starts to go down. Just under 40 days to go until our scholars… https://t.co/RNgtW8GUGX 1 week ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad We have seen the design of our mural by Mr Costall, Miss McAusland and Miss Smith. It is simply stunning! With than… https://t.co/DM7bKwLoed 2 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Stocking up for our new library! #ReadingIsPower https://t.co/9jnUeuaCKi 2 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @Mr_DPartridge: So proud of the new intake of year 7! Their performance today was brilliant. Can’t wait to continue with their musical j… 2 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad @HamletBridget I spy the library desk… 👀 https://t.co/rRz10SCNkY 2 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad With our scholars having a well deserved summer break, work on site for our new school continues to make great prog… https://t.co/01vPdbs8GA 2 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad @julesstewart2 @Mr_DPartridge @BrookMeadAcad We are pleased, that’s the aim! There has been a lovely atmosphere at summer school. 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad We look forward to welcoming our new Yr7 scholars to our summer school today, held in partnership with… https://t.co/nbisZYfSlt 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @Mr_DPartridge: Finished my first year @CastleMeadAcad. A brilliant place to work with a fantastic team of staff. But the highlight has… 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Just like that, the last morning line-up for our two years on our temporary site is complete. The place we have pro… https://t.co/vAA1OJHXEo 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @MrBartlettHist: This card was surreptitiously handed to me by a @CastleMeadAcad scholar on Wed - it’s beautiful, as is the message. I w… 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @MrsTTeaching: Our scholars in waiting are readying themselves to join us in August. I had the privilege of meeting this young man today… 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @GShelmani: @CastleMeadAcad amazing award evening. https://t.co/1mcGtUBSaN 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @MrBartlettHist: Year 7 @CastleMeadAcad scholars have enjoyed working with @bovlia to deepen their understanding of the Battle of Boswor… 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @MrBartlettHist: It was a pleasure and a privilege to present two @CastleMeadAcad scholars with the inaugural “#AliceHawkins History Pri… 4 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @MrBartlettHist: @KRIIICentre Today the rest of our Yr7 scholars @CastleMeadAcad benefitted from the presentation from @KRIIICentre’s Ra… 4 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad @Kate09803670 We hope the Fanta went down well! Thank you for joining us, and congratulations to you. 4 weeks ago
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