Welcome To Castle Mead Academy

Castle Mead Academy is a new secondary academy located in the heart of historic Leicester. At Castle Mead we strive to give pupils both ‘Roots and Wings’. Roots to keep them grounded, and wings so as they can fly. Across their fifteen terms with us, we build their intelligence and character so as they grow to be articulate, resilient, well-rounded individuals who excel academically, in the arts and on the sporting field. Our pupils enjoy the riches of an ambitious curriculum so as they are ‘heirs of all that has gone before’, inheriting all of the rich knowledge from the past to better shape the future.

Castle Mead Academy is part of the The Mead Educational Trust. As such, we are fortunate to be able to replicate and build on Rushey Mead Academy’s excellent reputation and outstanding track record of high academic achievement, inclusive practice, strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and knowledge rich curriculum.

  • Tom Hague, Executive Principal

Academy Tweets

Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @RitaHindocha: Can’t wait to see all these books in the library @CastleMeadAcad @TMETrust https://t.co/QnlG87ly65 5 days ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Our fantastic librarian putting our library together for our founding pupils #TheReadingSchool https://t.co/Zuc0u5WADV 6 days ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @HamletBridget: I’ll be needing a good night’s sleep before my two day marathon...of selecting 1250 books for @CastleMeadAcad ! 💪 7 days ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Wishing all of our pupils, families, staff and supporters a relaxing and enjoyable Summer. Thank you all for everyt… https://t.co/v8unY3NCz7 1 week ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad A really successful Transition Day for our founding pupils today @dmuleicester. Nerves settled, lessons learnt and… https://t.co/IZ7kYhvHjR 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @RitaHindocha: All packed and ready for ⁦@CastleMeadAcad⁩ induction day tomorrow ⁦@dmuleicester⁩. Pupils will receive summer reading boo… 3 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad We are recruiting! Take a look at our current opportunities and become a part of our founding staff!… https://t.co/vmzQeghoqV 4 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad These gifts just arrived, ready to be given to our founding pupils on Transition Day! ‘The more that you read, the… https://t.co/n7eLKV8U8A 4 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Do you still need to purchase you child's Castle Mead uniform? Why not come to our uniform event next week on the 2… https://t.co/N3ZXsfL6FC 5 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Not long now until our Transition Day! We can’t wait to show our founding pupils what we have in store for them on… https://t.co/SbQUzj1P2a 5 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Great news for Leicester and for @TMETrust. Another secondary school in our family, offering the Mead educational e… https://t.co/uk4NF0z9ni 5 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @TomHague88: This is not to be missed by @CastleMeadAcad Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, @mathsmumof2 - for all of our Maths colleague… 6 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @TomHague88: Representing @CastleMeadAcad at Number 10 this afternoon. The next plan is for one of our founding pupils to be leading fro… 8 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad If you haven't already got it, make sure you download the 'Schoolgateway' app onto your mobile device. In the comin… https://t.co/IZyjP3H5mL 8 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Our Principal @TomHague88, Executive Principal @RitaHindocha and CEO @CaroDunelm are at 10 Downing Street today at… https://t.co/eAhbFycfrb 8 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad New website launching soon! #watchthisspace https://t.co/CjClx4V1gU 9 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @rulemike: A joy to meet with fellow subject leaders at @CastleMeadAcad. Such lovely and passionate people. Leicester, you’re in for a t… 10 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad Our first staff leadership meeting this afternoon was truly inspiring. Ambition, passion for education and exciteme… https://t.co/cPZE5QuLmw 10 weeks ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @RitaHindocha: ⁦@CastleMeadAcad⁩ First meeting of our staff team. Subject leaders outlining their highly ambitious curriculum intent. ht… 10 weeks ago