Castle Mead Academy is characterised by high expectations, doing the simple things well, and the belief that all children can succeed. Situated in the heart of historic Leicester, we are driven by a moral commitment to ‘grow a community of excellence’ for the benefit of all children in the city.

It is a great privilege to be entrusted to educate another person’s child. At Castle Mead, we set a vision for an all-round education, in which each individual and their talents come first. With extended opportunities our scholars have more time to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as more opportunities to broaden their learning and expand their horizons. Therefore, every scholar will have access to the best provision, being enabled to achieve highly regardless of prior attainment, needs or background. We have an expert staff team who are really focused on teaching and learning and we are clear that each child will meet their full potential with our careful support.

Our sense of community is based on looking after one another. At Castle Mead, kindness and respect matter. Our scholars, in all their diversity, are appreciated for who they are. Supported by staff who truly care, our scholars have plentiful opportunities to shape and lead their school.

We have a strong and tangible culture at our school, based on our core values. We set high expectations that are supported by an excellent teaching staff. We place maximum emphasis on excellent behaviour and thoughtful caring attitude to each other. This is supported by a strong pastoral system which ensures we know each child and helps develop their character and sense of citizenship.

Factors that traditionally act as barriers to the achievement of some scholars have been actively designed out in the planning and design stage. Factors that make for an enriched provision for all scholars have been deliberately designed in: a knowledge rich curriculum, a longer school day, enrichment electives for all, weekly Prep time, enhanced arts provision (especially in music) placing reading at the centre of school life and giving all access to high quality sports provision.

A noteworthy aspect of the school’s offer is its rich and challenging curriculum. The EBacc suite of subjects (English, maths, science, a modern foreign language, history / geography) take centre stage in the curriculum enhanced by a wider offer in the arts and sports. Subject leaders have embraced the opportunity to design a curriculum from scratch, identifying key concepts, ensuring their optimum sequencing and using this to inspire scholars to learn. The subject vision statements on our website show the high ambition for pupils in each area of the curriculum. This richness of curriculum is underpinned by a very well thought through research informed pedagogical approach, Invigorating Instruction.

The provision for the wider development of pupils is equally strong. Castle Character Time has a compelling variety of sessions on offer, based around our enrichment pillars of Mastery, Courage and Fulfilment.

Castle Mead is a safe and happy place. There are well thought through routines for each aspect of the school day and scholars are actively guided through the Castle Credo of Be Kind, Work Hard and Build Your Character. Therefore, scholars have a clear and consistent framework to guide their conduct and learning.

Our routines are designed to ensure a calm and orderly atmosphere and we look for all our families’ support in upholding the values, systems and rules that make Castle Mead an orderly and respectful environment.

Castle Mead scholars are guided, nurtured and inspired. We care about who our scholars become, and ensure they have the skills, confidence and capabilities to navigate their own paths through life and leave their stamp on the world for the better.

Each year group is special to Castle Mead Academy. The early year groups will be especially cherished and will be the flagbearers of our academy values – setting the tone for the year groups to follow.

Mr T Hague

Executive Principal

Tom Hague, Principal