Where can I access help and support at Castle Mead Aademy?

Click on each section below to find out more.

Support regarding bullying, visit Helping Children Deal with Bullying & Cyberbullying | NSPCC,

Click on the email address below to contact the safeguarding team.

Speak to your Head of Year or email us at [email protected]

Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?

Report it at Child Protection and Online Protection CEOP Safety Centre (this is on the parent page, can it be added to the scholar page with the “click CEOP” button)

Do you need to report concerns about inappropriate images? Report it to the Internet Watch Foundation Report Child Sexual Abuse Images & Videos Online (iwf.org.uk) (this needs to be added to both please)

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Harmful Sexual Behaviour and Sexual Harassment (when clicked on can the following links be added)


Harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) or peer-on-peer sexual abuse | NSPCC Learning