At Castle Mead Academy, we believe that everyone is capable of excellence. We strive for every scholar to understand the science of learning and to feel confident in working independently both inside and outside of the classroom, which is an essential skill for homework, revision, and for life in general.  

Therefore, all our scholars are on a journey to becoming independent learners from the very beginning.

Becoming Independent Learners

Underpinned by the science of learning, our revision progression at Castle Mead Academy allows scholars to develop as independent learners from the outset of their Castle Mead journey. Scholars master how to plan their own revision and use a variety of strategies to independently create their own revision materials based on their strengths and areas of development in a subject. By being proactive around their self-directed retrieval practice, scholars at Castle Mead increase their knowledge regularly and master the skills necessary to succeed academically.

Click here to see our KS3 Revision Strategy Map (Coming soon)

Assessments at KS3

Scholars will sit two to three summative assessments a year for each of their subjects. These assessments are cumulative so will test their knowledge on both current content and previous content covered.

Majority of these assessments will be sat in the classroom and scholars will be made aware beforehand so they can successfully prepare using their revision strategies.

End of Year Exam Week

During the Summer Term, all scholars will be off timetable for an End of Year Exam Week. This week is designed to prepare our scholars both academically and conceptually for future exams in KS4 and to further develop their skills of being an independent learner.

During this week, scholars will sit their exams in the sports hall. When they do not have an exam, they will be revising independently and have mindfulness sessions throughout the week.