At Castle Mead Academy, all scholars complete their End of Year Exams in a drop-down week in the summer term. For Year 7 and 8, they have a combination of revision sessions, exams in the sports hall and the classroom exams. For Year 9, they have revision sessions and all their exams in the sports hall.

The Why

  • To familiarise and understand the process you will have for your Year 11 exams and to practise your revision strategies.
  • When you get to Year 11, this wonโ€™t be a completely new experience for you.
  • To help you and your teachers identify your strengths and successes this year and to understand any gaps in your knowledge that they can help you with.

Revision Lists:

Please see a link to the revision booklet, which includes all your revision lists. All scholars have received these during Prep.

Year 7 Revision Booklet

Year 8 Revision Booklet

Year 9 Revision Booklet

End of the Year Timetable

Please see below the exam timetable for each year group

How to revise for each subject

Please see the below links to Videos which highlights how to revise each subject.