Ofsted Report


As a new academy, Castle Mead should expect to be inspected by Ofsted within three years of opening. The academy will be inspected on the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes of pupils, personal development of pupils and leadership and management (including safeguarding). Parents/carers will be informed when the academy’s first Ofsted inspection takes place. To view the latest information regarding The Mead Educational Trust’s Ofsted reports click here.

In June of 2019, we had a pre-opening Ofsted inspection. This is very much the norm for all new academies. Our school was deemed ready for opening, with no recommendations made.

In the lead up to our first Ofsted inspection, we are supported by organised Education Adviser visits from the Department for Eductaion (DfE). The first of these visits was in December 2019 and we received glowing feedback.

Challenge Partners

Challenge Partners are a charity, owned and led by schools who work together to lead school improvement. They believe that, when schools are working in partnership to continually improve their practice, an excellent education for pupils will be achieved.

Challenge Partners are made up of over 300 schools, from all different backgrounds across the country, who recognise that they are stronger together and that collaboration is the key to continued success. They exist to support schools in that role by facilitating constructive collaboration and challenge between them and providing a platform for activities which would not be possible for a school to undertake on its own.

Together they aspire to become a world-class, knowledge-sharing community, which leads the way in school improvement and raises the standards of education for all.

Castle Mead Academy is a member of Challenge Partners, and as such we have an annual review to evaluate our performance and areas of excellence.

Challenge Partners Review Report, June 2022

Please click the below link, to read the Challenge Partners report from our peer review in June 2022. The review found CMA to be ‘leading’ practice in Leadership at all Levels and Quality of Provision and outcomes.

Challenge Partners Report, June 2022
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