Transition Day 2019

New Year 7 Pupil Transition Day: Tuesday 2nd July, 8.30am – 3.00pm

The day will provide an opportunity for your child to meet other new pupils, their tutor group, some of the subject teachers and members of our Senior Leadership Team.

Transition Day Activities

Our Transition Day for our founding year seven pupils will be held at De Montfort University. We have developed excellent relationships with both of the universities in the city, and believe that De Montfort will provide an aspirational setting for the pupils on their Transition Day. We hope that our pupils will aspire to go to university themselves in the future, and therefore it makes sense to begin their Castle Mead journey there also!

The day will begin with the first assembly for the pupils, led by Mr Hague, where we will share our vision and values for Castle Mead. We will begin to induct the pupils in terms of the behaviours we will be encouraging, introduce them to our Castle Credo and begin the pupils thinking about their personal goals for their first year as part of the Castle Mead community.

Pupils will then partake in a carousel of activities, including some lessons taught by some of our Castle Mead staff and some opportunities to learn more about University life and to use the incredible learning facilities on campus.

We will then come together again in the afternoon for a whole-year group session, where we will talk to the pupils about their Summer homework which they will need to complete before term starts, and draw the day to a close.

Arrival in the morning

Pupils should arrive between 8am and 8.30am. Pupils should come to the Castle Mead Academy, Richard III Road, LE3 5QU. We will be meeting in the first car park on Richard III Road (just before you get to the Kirby and West Building), where there will be drop-off facility for cars if necessary.

Pupils will then be greeted by our staff, registered, and will then be sorted onto one of the coaches. We will then be transporting the pupils by coach to De Montfort University for the day.

End of the day

The transition day will end at 3.00pm. Pupils will be transported back to the same location as they arrived at in the morning, on Richard III Road. Pupils will then be allowed to leave if they have permission to make their own way home, or our staff will otherwise with them until they are collected. Please indicate on the transition day permission form how your child will be travelling home at the end of the day.

Map of arrival location:

Pupils should arrive in the morning and depart at the end of the day from the first car park on Richard II Road (just before you get to the Kirby and West Building), where there will be drop-off facility for cars if necessary.


Pupils should wear their usual primary school uniform for the transition day. There will be no need to bring their PE kit on this day.


Lunch will be provided for pupils. We will be eating lunch in the university Food Village. Pupils will be provided with a meal voucher and will be able to choose their lunch. All dietary requirement will be catered for, but please do indicate any dietary requirements on the transition day permission form. Pupils are welcome to bring a water bottle for the day. In line with Castle Mead rules, pupils should not bring sweets or chewing gum on the transition day.


As a minimum, pupils should come on the Transition Day with a pen and a pencil. If they have a pencil case for primary school, it would be sensible to just bring this with them on the day (equipment requirements for the start of term will be shared with you in due course).

Pupils are encouraged to bring a water bottle with them.

The pupils will be supervised walking around the campus site at different points in the day, so may require a coat dependant on the weather.

Contact on the day

Parents/carers can contact Castle Mead on the day by ringing 0116 2143148.