Years 10-11 (KS4)

Exam Preparation

All our experience and research shows that Exam preparation for GCSEs is a TWO YEAR programme; it is not something that starts after Christmas in year 11.

You need to make sure that you understand all the content you cover as you go through the year. If there are any aspects you do not fully understand, see your teacher immediately. You need to memorise material as you go through the course and it is almost impossible to memorise material that you do not fully understand. Do not wait until year 11 to focus on problem areas.

It is important to use EFFECTIVE techniques to memorise material.

Do not:-

  • re-read multiple times,
  • read and highlight,
  • copy material out.

All of these activities require very little brain effort and thus have very little impact on your long-term memory.

Instead, think about the techniques that you have seen through Prep over the past few years.

Scholars might frequently start to feel anxious and stressed as exam approach and it is important to look after your mental health. Please consider the sessions you have been studying during tutor time on this subject, but also do speak to your form tutor or Year Team if you feel you would like to discuss further support.

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