Careers Guidance

At Castle Mead Academy, our careers programme is experienced as a rich culture that shines throughout the school. Strong leadership drives an inspirational, progressive programme that offers every scholar key life skills and valuable experience of the world of work. Scholars are inspired to explore a wide variety of options and future pathways.

The Roots & Wings programme aims to support the aspirations of all our scholars and to everyone with regular access to employers, career guidance and work experiences to support scholars in making progress and succeed in learning and work. We believe that careers education supports the functioning of our social mobility at grassroots level

Our Careers Leader, Mrs H Morar, is suitably experienced and qualified to lead our careers strategy at Castle Mead. If you have any queries regarding careers at Castle Mead, please do direct them to Mrs Morar in the first instance ([email protected]).

Employers and Education Providers

We are always looking to invite employers from different sectors to come in and work with our scholars. If you are an employer or provider who would like to add to one of our events or help us with our careers work?

Please click here or alternatively email our Careers Leader, Mrs Morar on [email protected]


Progress to date against the Gatsby Benchmarks (October 2021)




A stable careers programmeCareers strategy has explicit backing of the senior leadership team. Career programme has started to take place.

Continue to work alongside Enterprise Advisor and Co Ordinator.

All staff and governors have been presented the vision for careers.

Career Champions are established

Take up opportunities offered by local business as to employer engagements.


Evaluations to be conducted through the year with Scholars and stake holders to support any improvements and ensure it is a progressive careers plan.

Career Champions will be supporting the delivery of Careers

Learning from career and labour market informationLocal career and labour market information displayed on the CMA website.

Career posters displayed in classrooms

Used information regarding future careers from 2030 to underpin the careers strategy/ programme

Shared labour market information with parents

To carry on using this information to shape careers programme.

Scholars will learn about labour market information this academic year.

Share Labour market information with parents

Addressing the needs of each pupilDisadvantaged scholars have been interviewed by the Y7 Pupil Premium co-ordinator (Yr8/ 9 completed previously).

There are systematic records of the individual advice given to each student, and subsequent agreed decisions. All students will have access to these records to support their career development.

Mentoring schemes are taking place to support scholars that require support

Take pupil voice and other such feedback on careers knowledge and ambitions of pupils, to inform careers programme.

Careers mentoring programme to be in place to support scholars that require support/ aspiration building.

The records of advice given should be integrated with those given at the previous stage of the student’s education where these are made available. Records should begin to be kept from the first point of contact or from the point of transition.

To have a range of employers speak to scholars from a variety of backgrounds to support in challenging stereotypes and inequalities.

Linking curriculum learning to careersConsidered as part of line management schedule for Curriculum Leaders. Subject specific careers display in classrooms.

Career Champions to support with Buzz moments in classrooms and supporting colleagues in linking careers in classrooms.




To consider meaningful opportunities for careers to be linked to curriculum areas, whilst the curriculum is continuing to be mapped at this stage.

Throughout the programme of study (and by the end of their course) every student should have had the opportunity to experience how their subjects help people gain entry to (and be more effective workers within) a wide range of occupations.

Encounters with employers and employeesTalks planned for Yr7, 8 and 9 scholars, in NHS, green futures, apprenticeships, STEM and Army

Everyone should have had at least one meaningful encounter with an employer.

Take up opportunities offered by local business as to employer engagements.

Careers fair to be planned.

Every year, from the age of 11, scholars should participate in at least one meaningful encounter with an employer.

Experiences of workplacesTo follow towards the end of KS3 and into Y10 with work experience placements.
Encounters with further and higher educationHigher education visits and knowledge encountered

Further education encounter planned for year 9 before GCSE options.

Talks planned for apprenticeships and technical routes to speak to scholars of all years.

Continue to establish relationships with universities, engaging again with Widening Participation leads. Building this systematically into the ‘CMA journey’.
Personal guidanceUnifrog has been rolled out to Year 9s and will be this academic year to year 7 and 8.

Careers Leader/ Advisor appointed to lead and give guidance to scholars

Careers Leader to be Level 6 qualified.


Careers Programme 2021 – 2022

Year 7Putting Enterprise Skills into actionTalks from external speakers

Apprenticeship/ T Level- information talk

Careers in the NHS and mental health

Careers in Army – Assembly

Talks from external speakers – Atmospheric scientist

Brilliant Club

Unifrog Introductions and personality/ interests’ quiz

How to make safe financial choices

Ethical and Unethical practices and consumerism

Meet the Army activity day

Saving, spending and budgeting

How to manage risk-taking behaviour

Introduction to Labour market information

Future Skills Questionnaire

Year 8Inclusivity & Diversity in the workplace

Racism in the workplace

Introduction to higher education




Talks from external speakers – Atmospheric scientist

Apprenticeship/ T Level- information talk

Careers in the NHS and mental health

Equality of opportunities in Careers and life choices and how to challenge stereotypes and discrimination in work and pay

Employment, self-employment and voluntary work

Brilliant Club

Unifrog introductions and personality/ interests quiz

Careers in Army – Assembly

Army Team Work Activity

Introduction to Labour market information


Year 9Unifrog Introduction and personality/ interests quiz

Higher Education – the benefits of attending HE

Introduction to working in… different subject areas/ sectors

Apprenticeship/ T Level- information talk

Women in STEM- employer talks

Talks from external speakers – Atmospheric scientist

Brilliant Club

Careers in the NHS and mental health

GCSE Choices, choices, choices – supporting scholars to make informed choices

Local college students visit to speak about how to succeed in Year 9

Personal development training – Army
Careers in the Army – Assembly

Skills for enterprise and employability

How to give and act upon constructive feedback (How to succeed in an interview)

Habits and strategies to support progress

How to manage your ‘personal brand’ online/ Employability and online presence

Careers Fair- Event for providers of technical education/apprenticeships to include Further
Education colleges, UTCs or Studio schools and training providers

Young people’s employment rights and responsibilities

Introduction to Labour market information

Future Skills Questionnaire

Year 10Setting goals- My Careers action plan
Personal StatementCareer pathways and Post 16 options
Skills & Qualities
CVsWriting a letter of applicationWork experience preparation sessionsWork Experience
One to one careers guidance for targeted scholars
Year 11Post 16 options and career pathways refresher/ more detailed

Review personal statement

Applying to Post 16 courses

One to one careers guidance

Visits to local post 16 providers

Mock interview day

Post 16 interviews

One to one careers guidance

Future Skills Questionnaire

Confirmation of post 16 education destinations for all scholars


Careers Education Review

This is to be reviewed in Autumn 2022. The Careers programme is constantly under review and refinement. A formal, annual review takes place every Autumn term when we publish the intended careers programme for the academic year ahead.

Qualifications and Pathways

There are several post-16 options explained in: LLEP WORLD OF WORK LEICESTERSHIRE

Resources for Scholars

Please click link below to aid research in careers.

Useful websites for further help or research in careers

Upcoming activities/ webinars are posted on Satchel One to support you with your careers

Resources for Parents/ Carers

LLEP-10-ways-to-achieve-careers-education-at-home-v1.pdf (

Apprenticeship resources for schools, teachers, parents (

Student finance: what parents need to know – The Uni Guide


Pick a route | Informed Choices

Future Of Work 2020-2030 | How Will This Impact Young People? (

The Parents Guide to National Careers Week 2021

Parents Guide to Next Steps

Which Degree Courses Do Your A-Levels Suit? – The Uni Guide

Destinations Data

Currently there isn’t Year 11s leaving school, we will have leavers destination report available from 2025. We will be holding evaluations regularly with Scholars and Parents to enable us to enhance our Careers programme and the delivery of the events.

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