Our vision is to provide a broad, varied and challenging curriculum of musical and performance opportunities through a rich and varied. We seek to enrich pupils’ lives through a co-curriculum which offers a range of experiences and opportunities. In turn students will reap the benefits of musicianship which include increased academic and social development, creativity, professionalism, confidence, teamwork and emotional development.

Our schemes of work and co-curriculum allow pupils to form a personal and meaningful relationship with music which can be enjoyed by twinning the development of musical knowledge and understanding with skills in performing and composing. Listening to, analysing, evaluating and appreciating music of various styles and genres allows pupils to identify “what makes music music” and celebrate our world’s musical diversity. Exposure to a range of musical instruments, vocal skills and use of music technology facilitates individual and group performance and composition opportunities which pupils can take ownership of and take pride in.

Please find below our Curriculum Intent for Key Stage 3:

Music KS3 curriculum map

Information coming soon.

Information coming soon.

Information coming soon.

Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Leader/s

Mr M Rule
[email protected]

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