History has a deep but fast-paced curriculum that builds pupils’ knowledge, confidence, skills and chronological understanding in History. History offers pupils a wide range of opportunities to learn about the past in a scholarly manner, with the use of contemporary sources as well as interpretations encouraged. History is vital because we can only understand whom we are, as individuals or as a nation, if we understand where we have come from. All pupils are encouraged to consider ideas of empathy, morality and ethics of world events. As a result, pupils will have questioning minds and be skilled in independent thinking. Furthermore, pupils will have a strong grasp of how their world has been shaped through major historical events. History pupils will be inspired to undertake further personal study and more formal study at KS5 and undergraduate level.

 Year 7Year 8Year 9



How has early migration shaped the UK?







Why did Britain change so rapidly between 1700 and 1900?




What were the significant events of WW2?



How did the Normans take and secure power?






How did the Industrial Revolution impact the world?



How did WW2 change the world? (Holocaust & Cold War)



How did religion shape society in Medieval England?





To what extent was there rapid change in Britain during 1800-1914?




Why is there conflict in the Middle East?




To what extent did Medieval Monarchs lose power?








How significant was WW1?




What is the best way to bring about change?



How did England change under the Tudors?







British historic environment study – WWI and trench life.




Begin GCSE study




Why did England’s political landscape change during the 17th and 18th Century?






Was WW2 inevitable?




Begin GCSE study

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Information coming soon.

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