With challenging classic texts as a springboard, our English pupils will explore some of the best and most brilliant ideas from literature. Pupils will analyse and appreciate the writer’s art and value their own reading of a text. They will develop a passion for reading and a mastery of their own writing. Their vast knowledge of great stories and complex characters will garner articulate, empathetic and critical scholars, both in written and spoken contexts. Castle Mead English pupils will have ownership over their opinions and will be equipped with the independence, confidence and vocabulary to communicate them.

 Year 7Year 8Year 9
HT1Victorian Novel: Oliver Twist

Classic starts/with original extracts


Understand plot, character, paragraph structure


Assessment: Extract based, Character focus

Essay plan allowed


Victorian Novel: Sherlock Holmes

3 stories from Sherlock Holmes’ adventures – original text


Understand plot, character, context, authorial intent, essay structure

Assessment: Extract based, Character focus


Victorian Novel: Frankenstein


Assessment: Choice of two questions – no extract



(How words wok)

Parts of speech: verbs, noun, adjectives (adverbs), articles and prepositions. Subject-verb agreement. Tense.

Focus: descriptive writing.

Revision of previous year, plus: adverbs, comparative and superlative adjectives, plural nouns, the apostrophe (inc. contractions)Revision of previous year, plus: subject, direct object, indirect object, the passive, auxiliary verbs, participles, word endings.

Focus: writing from picture stimulus

Reading for PleasureOn class rotation Y7:

A Monster Calls

Noughts and Crosses/Coraline (LA)

Harry Potter

On class rotation Y8:

To Kill a Mockingbird /(Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (LA)

Refugee Boy

Hunger Games

On class rotation Y9:

Lord of the Flies /Terror Kid (LA)

Of Mice and Men

The Crucible

HT3Shakespeare: The Tempest


Understand plot, character, context, essay structure


Assessment: Extract based, Theme focus

Quotation hunter allowed



Shakespeare: Julius Caesar


Assessment: Extract based, Theme focus


Shakespeare: Othello


Assessment: Extract based, Theme focus



(Clear sentences)

Elements of a sentence: simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences. Listing and bracketing commas.

Focus: opening of a story.

Revision of previous year, plus: compound-complex sentences, noun appositive phrases, conjunctive adverbs, semi colonsRevision of previous year, plus: restrictive and non-restrictive clauses, colons, hyphens, punctuating speech.

Focus: Lang Paper 1 analysis

Reading for Pleasure
HT5Modern Novel/Poetry: Carrie’s War Modern Novel/Poetry:

Animal Farm

Modern Novel/Poetry:

Blood Brothers

HT6Linked: War poetry unit



Assessment: Poetry (one studied poem)

(*Reading and writing spoken word poetry)

Linked: Conflict/power poetry unit


Assessment: Unseen Poetry

Linked: Love & Relationships Poetry (GCSE cluster taster)


Assessment: Poetry Comparison (named poem given)


(Coherent texts)

Topic sentences, paragraphs, introductions, conclusions.

Focus: Non-fiction writing to persuade

Revision of previous year, plus: connections between sentences, proofreading, drafting, rewriting.Revision of previous year, plus: text purpose and audience.

Focus: Language P2 analysis

Reading for Pleasure

Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.

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Miss A Harris
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